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Now located in northeastern Oklahoma.  The new e-mail address is

We raise jersey woolies exclusively with the desire to produce woolies as close to the standard of perfection as possible.  Although we only started raising woolies in 2006,  we did a lot of research before jumping in and tried to buy the best breeding stock we could afford to get us started.  As a result, we have lots of great lines in our barn.

2007 was a great first full year for me.  I won the MSRBA points sweepstakes and was named Rookie of the year.  In 2008 I came in 2nd and both of my daughters were in the top 6.

I am also very excited that two woolies I produced did great at the 2008 ARBA National Convention in youth.  Sequira's Sally won BOB for Katie McNab and Sequira's Mercury won BOSG (Agouti) for Sarah Braun.  Congratulations girls!

I finally won a BIS and a RIS in May of 2010 with my beautiful sable marten doe Sequira's Cricket (pictured above).  I was shocked!

Because of woolies gentle personality, they make wonderful pets for all ages.  Don't let the long hair scare you away.  They are quite easy to take care of.


Currently working on:  Chocolate/lilac Jersey Woolies & Sable Points/Tort Jersey Woolies.   Finally getting those chocolate silver martens.

We are now raising cavies too.  Coronets and Silkies.  We have a lot to learn about guinea pigs, but we are excited to get going.  Ask about any we might have for sale.  Babies due soon.

Last updated 09/22/2015


Please check out my sale page for rabbits currently available for sale.  Inquire about the availability of any pet rabbits that I might have available as I don't always list those on the for sale page.  All of our rabbits are handled a great deal so they make wonderful pets and companions.

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